Making an impact through teaching accounting skills

As a growing business, Axcelerate is passionate about making an impact and transferring skills and empowering others. Axcelerate, powered by Sage has been hosting a selected individuals to attend the sage Skills Empowerment  bootcamp. The Bootcamp has been a success and yielded positive following the bootcamps being held in the two cities in Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria) between August and November 2021.

The bootcamp covers various modules such as bookkeeping fundamentals, Sage Business Cloud accounting, Sage Business Cloud Payroll and Sage Cloud Payroll Professional. This year Axcelerate successfully trained 85 candidates, who have all completed the programme. “I just want to extend my gratitude to Axcelerate team for their investment in me, you guys changed my narrative, a month after the bootcamp I am employed in the global mining company, I aced three interviews and I was the one to decide where to go”, one of the beneficiaries testified.

“Given the state of unemployment in South Africa, hosting these workshops help young graduates and matriculants to gain skills. Reducing the unemployment rate in South Africa through education and skills transfer is part of Axcelerate’s mission”. We exist to curate and train new finance and payroll professionals , and we need new minds and talent to improve the sector, Managing Director Refentse Masha (CA) SA said.


Axcelerate’s value is being able to empower others to be astute professionals in the sector in areas of business management software, accounting, tax, financial management and reporting. These are skills that can help them in their future as well as increase their chances of employment prospects.

All bootcamps are funded by Sage, thus increasing capacity within the Finance and ICT sector.

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